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Gain your health ​back and gain the ​confidence with Be ​Well Body Goals .

Hi, I'm Shelby !

With over a decade working in the ​wellness industry , I have opened Be Well ​Body Goals to be available to help woman ​be successful in their wellness journeys . I ​am here to help you feel healthier and ​more confident through nutrition coaching ​and personal training amongst the other ​services we provide .

MA78466 LMT, ACE Personal Trainer, AFPA FITNESS ​Nutrition and Wellness , Lymphatic Drainage Therapist Post ​op

Join My Be Well Body Program $40monthly

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In App Training

Nutrition Support


Woman in Activewear Exercising on White Background

Personal Training

Nutrition Coaching

I have designed the Be Well Body Program ​to offer personal training and nutrition ​coaching at a budget friendly cost and to be ​schedule friendly . $40 MONTHLY with the ​option to add on one one one virtual or in ​person sessions .

Receive the support and accountability you ​need to achieve your goals .

In app chat with me with any concerns or ​questions .

Access to recipes ,exercises and training ​programs .

Personalized macro plans made just for you ​not spit out by a computer .

Options For You

If you are looking to begin your wellness journey and need ​support with diet and exercise and help remaining consistent get ​set up on the app today .

Have you had Cosmetic surgery ? Your going to need lymphatic ​drainage schedule your sessions in advance its important to plan ​your recovery .

30min sessions are recommended in the beginning you will want ​short sessions more often typically 8-12

60min sessions are available when you are far enough along in ​your healing . These sessions can include ultrasound therapy , ​radio frequency, vacuum therapy and cryotherapy . Keep in ​mind these options are when you are far enough in your healing ​and its time to work on fibrosis that may have built up .

Boost your confident and lose inches with body contouring ​treatments

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Woman in Activewear Stretching on White Background

Client Testimonials

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I just started sessions with ​Shelby and have lost ​4inches without feeling ​restricted


Very knowledgeable and ​made me feel comfortable


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Absolutely Fabulous


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Top notch best in town


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Ready for a ​change?

Shelby Amaya

Servicing Sarasota ​Bradenton area

or remote services

Tel. 941-557-3662

Email: shelbyamayalmt@gmail.com

Social: instagram@bewellbodygoals


Post Mommy Makeover

When you are scheduled to have cosmetic surgery there is a lot of planning and ​budgeting involved it will not just be the expense of the surgery and your time there , ​there is a lot of planning and preparation involved for your healing as well. What we ​recommend and offer ...

Lymphatic Drainage or Post Lipo Massage is a must for proper healing. In the beginning you will be sore. ​Plan to start your treatments with only 30min Post Lipo Massage sessions two to three times a weeks . ​Typically you will need 8-12 of these sessions .

Then we can usually move on to 60min Post Lipo Massage sessions once a week plan for around 6-8 of ​these sessions .

When you are far enough along in your healing, for some this can mean around 5 or 6 months, we can add ​to your lymphatic drainage treatments and we can work on fibrosis build up and skin tightening using tools ​like ultrasound , radiofrequency , vacuum therapy and cryotherapy .

*Everyone is different, you experience different procedures and your body will respond differently then some else . So its important ​to note this is general recommendation but can vary a little bit from person to person.

Starting your Wellness Journey

Your are starting on a wellness journey .There are many reasons people choose to ​start working on their health it can be because of a health condition , for weight loss , ​improve body composition for confidence , recovering post partum or maybe you ​had cosmetic surgery and you want to make sure you maintain. Whatever our reason ​are its completely normal to feel overwhelmed and need help . That's were hiring a ​coach comes in . Having a trained professional in your corner can make the ​difference . Giving you support , accountability, and nutrition and exercise guidance .

We offer options for coaching to fit your budget and schedule . All in app training is ​$40 a month you can choose to add on virtual or in person training if needed we ​have different plans for that .

The goal is to pick a plan that is realistic for you to achieve your goals .